For greater safety, security and health

Chemesis's industries undertake to position the environment, the safety, the security, and the health of the individual at the head of their concerns. The platform provides the necessary tools to continuously improve these basic parameters while maintaining a strong competitiveness.

1 Integrated fire emergency response team

1 24/24 security surveillance

1 dedicated occupational physician


Enhanced security

At Chemesis, absolute priority is given to the safety of persons and installations. To this end, the platform puts in place extremely strict and effective procedures. Only specially trained companies are authorized to intervene on the Seveso high threshold classified site.


Approved Technological Risks Prevention Plan (TRPP)

The TRPP aims to address town planning requirements around the Seveso high threshold plants. They define the town planning rules for future and existing buildings. With almost 1 billion Euros invested on the platform, 400 million Euros of which are maintenance costs over the past 5 years, Chemesis has an approved TRPP, allowing new investors to establish themselves easily on a site with the latest safety standards.

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"Chemesis's industries are placed in a secure area where shared risks are better managed. "
Lionel Gernolle, Director of the Chemesis Arkema plant

To ensure the security of everyone, Chemesis organizes regular security drills and exercises. The stakeholders follow the standards defined by the Union of Chemical Industries (UCI), the professional federation of the sector.

"Chemesis participates every year in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It is a real highlight of the platform. "
Gabrielle Kakeldey, Assistant to the Delegate General of the Union of Chemical Industries

Chemesis also has an internal emergency fire response team. The fire-fighters are on site and thus can ensure an immediate response, minimizing risks in the event of an incident.


 24/24 secured site

Chemesis has put in place a system of common security surveillance that continuously monitors the perimeter of the Seveso site.

"The pooling of these services and the related costs are reflected in the competitiveness of companies at Chemesis. It also simplifies reporting to the supervisory authorities. "
Lionel Gernolle, Director of the Chemesis Arkema plant


An integrated health care facility

The health of its employees is of paramount importance for Chemesis. To preserve the physical and mental condition of its 1,200 employees, the platform has, therefore, recruited an occupational physician working full-time on the site.


A preserved environment

For the industries, respect of the environment is essential. All are committed to assessing and managing the environmental and energy impacts of their activities as well as implementing joint preventative actions.

"The optimization of the energy efficiency of the facilities, the water cycle, and the remediation of soils are today research priorities at Chemesis.
Thomas Amery, Uniper’s Site Manager and vice-president of Chemesis

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Key products

  • Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow
  • Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow
  • The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley
  • The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow

At the Chemesis site , Altuglas International has designed and produced Altuglas® ShieldUp, a spectacular mesh and nano-structured acrylic plate. On top of everything: a light-weight glazing that combines transparency and resistance, and lends itself easily to complex forms. This ultra-innovative technology opens up innumerable prospects for the automotive, photovoltaic, industrial, and secure glazing sectors in particular.


Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow

Both extremely resistant and recyclable, Arkema's Elium® resin permits the construction of thermoplastic composite parts 50% lighter than steel, capable of substituting for the metal. To meet the high rates of the automotive industry, Elium® resin can now be mass-produced. Developed at Composite Park in partnership with the M2P TRI platform, the new FAST RTM (FAST Resin Transfer Moulding) manufacturing process enables the final "net shape" of the product to be obtained in a single operation. In 2017, this facility was rewarded with the JEC Innovation Awards prize.


The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley

At its new Chemesis unit, Cray Valley produces liquid resins based on polybutadiene. These products are used as additives for rubber, adhesives and other speciality products. They reinforce the adhesion of tyres, reduce the thickness of smart phone touch screens, and improve the performance of boosters during rocket launches, for example.


The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

At Chemesis, Arkema operates a super-absorbent polymers (reticulated sodium acrylate polymer) unit, for the Japanese giant Sumitomo Seika. Using gel processes and in inverse suspension, the plant produces a "Hygienic" range intended for the manufacture of sanitary towels and nappies for newborns as well as an "Industrial" range designed for the insulation of underwater cables. The finished product is in the form of a powder with a particle size between 200 and 400 micrometers and whose tremendous absorption capacity is 65 gr./gr.* for the Hygiene range and 500 gr./gr.* for the Industrial.

*in grams of water per gram of product

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