Chemesis, performance catalyst

International ultra-competitive industrial platform, Chemesis  plays host to speciality chemicals activities, industrial gases and composite materials.  In close connection with the local social fabric, Chemesis accelerates business, innovation and the development of its investors, today and tomorrow.

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Vidéo plates-formes françaises dont CHEMESIS

30 September 2021

Le projet de vidéo sur les plates-formes chimiques françaises à l'initiative de France Chimie est abouti.  Vous pourrez retrouver la vidéo de présentation finalisée sur le site internet de France Chimie ainsi que sur la chaîne Youtube,…

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CHEMESIS décroche le label de "site industriel clés en main"

28 September 2021

Le 23 septembre 2021, Jacqueline Gourault, ministre de la Cohésion des territoires et des Relations avec les collectivités territoriales, et Agnès Pannier-Runacher, ministre déléguée auprès du ministre de l'Economie, des Finances et de la…

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visite Commission Locale de l'Eau le 10 février 2021

12 March 2021

Visite de la plateforme de Carling, des membres du Bureau de la CLE du SAGE Bassin HouillerDe par le rôle majeur que joue la plateforme CHEMESIS sur les eaux souterraines et superficielles de la Rosselle, le SAGE a organisé une visite des…

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Key products

  • Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow
  • Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow
  • The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley
  • The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow

At the Chemesis site , Altuglas International has designed and produced Altuglas® ShieldUp, a spectacular mesh and nano-structured acrylic plate. On top of everything: a light-weight glazing that combines transparency and resistance, and lends itself easily to complex forms. This ultra-innovative technology opens up innumerable prospects for the automotive, photovoltaic, industrial, and secure glazing sectors in particular.


Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow

Both extremely resistant and recyclable, Arkema's Elium® resin permits the construction of thermoplastic composite parts 50% lighter than steel, capable of substituting for the metal. To meet the high rates of the automotive industry, Elium® resin can now be mass-produced. Developed at Composite Park in partnership with the M2P TRI platform, the new FAST RTM (FAST Resin Transfer Moulding) manufacturing process enables the final "net shape" of the product to be obtained in a single operation. In 2017, this facility was rewarded with the JEC Innovation Awards prize.


The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley

At its new Chemesis unit, Cray Valley produces liquid resins based on polybutadiene. These products are used as additives for rubber, adhesives and other speciality products. They reinforce the adhesion of tyres, reduce the thickness of smart phone touch screens, and improve the performance of boosters during rocket launches, for example.


The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

At Chemesis, Arkema operates a super-absorbent polymers (reticulated sodium acrylate polymer) unit, for the Japanese giant Sumitomo Seika. Using gel processes and in inverse suspension, the plant produces a "Hygienic" range intended for the manufacture of sanitary towels and nappies for newborns as well as an "Industrial" range designed for the insulation of underwater cables. The finished product is in the form of a powder with a particle size between 200 and 400 micrometers and whose tremendous absorption capacity is 65 gr./gr.* for the Hygiene range and 500 gr./gr.* for the Industrial.

*in grams of water per gram of product

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