Synergies in the service of Industry

In order to promote the performance of speciality chemicals companies, Chemesis encourages the development of synergies between the installed industries. Result: investors receive an extensive range of services at extremely competitive rates . Update on this panel of attractive benefits.

“By forming an association, the industries present are stronger, industrially and economically. It is a genuine common project."
Franky Smisaert, Director of Total on Chemesis


Optimize facility management collectively

Chemesis centralises the management of overhead services and equipment, thus stimulating the performance of companies that can concentrate on their industrial development.

"This strategy ensures both competitive rates and first class benefits in terms of quality."
Franky Smisaert, Director of Total on Chemesis


Economies of scale on the utilities

At Chemesis, industries negotiate tariffs for bulk purchase of their needs in terms of water, gas or electricity. On top of it all, costs are extremely advantageous for all investors, established as well as newcomers.


A comprehensive palette of logistic services

Over 1,000 specialized sub-contractors are present at Chemesis. Logistics companies, specialised in the activities of handling the activities of the chemical sector, handle all the aspects of transport (road, inland waterway, rail, …), products, and goods shipped from or to the platform.


Comprehensive protection of the site and the people

Chemesis directly manages a fire emergency response team as well as a common effluent treatment service. The association also proposes a shared workplace health service with an on site physician, dedicated to the employees of the platform. Chemesis also calls upon reliable service providers to organize the common 24/24 security of its Seveso perimeter or waste treatment.

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"This synergy enables the consolidation of existing activities and provides visibility to the service providers in place", ensures Franky Smisaert, Director of Total on Chemesis. This shared organization also allows for standardisation of risks management on the whole of the platform. The rules are summed up in a plan that is more virtuous, safer and more economical. Another significant advantage, it simplifies the administrative procedures, including establishment, enabling notable gains in time.

 "The administration knows us and trusts us, obtaining faster authorisations for the project owners".
Franky Smisaert, Director of Total on Chemesis


Integrated reception facilities

A 1,000 m² business hotel

A company restaurant

A one-stop shop

In addition to the extensive amount of land on offer (almost 50 hectares currently available), Chemesis puts a huge 1,000 m² of space for offices and laboratories at the disposal of its investors. The platform also provides a shared business restaurant service.

All these services are presented to new entrants via Chemesis's one-stop shop. The latter offers them comprehensive support from the availability of strategic information for the definition of their business model to mapping the skills of the local community, including assistance in the search for financing.

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"Our hope is that project owners only have to deal with the heart of their project. Chemesis takes care of the rest! "
Franky Smisaert, Director of Total on Chemesis

Towards ever increased sharing of services

Between sharing laboratories and the transfer of technology, the search for lasting solutions and integration of the local population, Chemesis multiplies the responsible and efficient synergies.

“There is no R&D in an industrial desert! Chemesis enjoys an environment that is particularly conducive to innovation."
Gilbert Pitance, Delegate General of the “Pôle de Plasturgie de l’Est”


A powerful dynamic of co-innovation

Between the technological cluster of the Composite Park, Arkema's and Total's R&D centres, the competitiveness centres and world class public research organizations in close proximity, Chemesis is an ideal platform for germination of tomorrow's speciality chemicals projects. On a more purely operational level, the companies also co-design ingenious solutions and innovative approaches for constant improvement of the overall management of the platform.


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Responsible synergies
All of Chemesis's industries sign a joint declaration of commitment regarding hygiene, health and environmental responsibility (HSE). The platform places these common problems at the head of its concerns. It promotes the exchange of good practices between companies. In fact, the establishment of common energy services, of virtuous diagrams of the water cycle and unique devices for the remediation of soils are currently under review by the site’s specialized engineers.

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Des acions concertées fédératricesConcerted unifying actions

The collaborators, suppliers, service providers and bordering the platform gather themselves every year around events such as World Health Day or even the strides of Zang, a charitable sporting event. For Chemesis, it is an opportunity to unite a whole local community around meaningful highlights.

On the side of the industries, the association encourages meetings with other platforms, in order to promote and defend the point of view and interests of French platforms.

"Chemesis catalyses exchanges between the platform's companies but also mobilises all the actors of the territory, men and women impregnated with a strong industrial culture".
Gabrielle Kakeldey, Assistant to the Delegate General of the Grand Est CIU

An association to invent the chemistry of tomorrowContact usPerforming for tomorrow

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Key products

  • Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow
  • Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow
  • The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley
  • The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

Altuglas® ShieldUp, the PMMA of tomorrow

At the Chemesis site , Altuglas International has designed and produced Altuglas® ShieldUp, a spectacular mesh and nano-structured acrylic plate. On top of everything: a light-weight glazing that combines transparency and resistance, and lends itself easily to complex forms. This ultra-innovative technology opens up innumerable prospects for the automotive, photovoltaic, industrial, and secure glazing sectors in particular.


Elium®, the composite of the vehicle of tomorrow

Both extremely resistant and recyclable, Arkema's Elium® resin permits the construction of thermoplastic composite parts 50% lighter than steel, capable of substituting for the metal. To meet the high rates of the automotive industry, Elium® resin can now be mass-produced. Developed at Composite Park in partnership with the M2P TRI platform, the new FAST RTM (FAST Resin Transfer Moulding) manufacturing process enables the final "net shape" of the product to be obtained in a single operation. In 2017, this facility was rewarded with the JEC Innovation Awards prize.


The multifunctional liquid resins of Cray Valley

At its new Chemesis unit, Cray Valley produces liquid resins based on polybutadiene. These products are used as additives for rubber, adhesives and other speciality products. They reinforce the adhesion of tyres, reduce the thickness of smart phone touch screens, and improve the performance of boosters during rocket launches, for example.


The super-absorbents of Sumitomo Seika

At Chemesis, Arkema operates a super-absorbent polymers (reticulated sodium acrylate polymer) unit, for the Japanese giant Sumitomo Seika. Using gel processes and in inverse suspension, the plant produces a "Hygienic" range intended for the manufacture of sanitary towels and nappies for newborns as well as an "Industrial" range designed for the insulation of underwater cables. The finished product is in the form of a powder with a particle size between 200 and 400 micrometers and whose tremendous absorption capacity is 65 gr./gr.* for the Hygiene range and 500 gr./gr.* for the Industrial.

*in grams of water per gram of product

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